Hey hey! I bet you’re here searching for the perfect photographer to capture your special day. I’m a firm believer that your photographer is one of the most important vendors for your wedding. You never get this day back, which is why finding a professional is essential. 10 years from now, when all you have are the photos, you’ll want to remember the color of the flowers, the perfume you wore, etc. You deserve someone who will do it all while being excited & I hope to be that person for you

I specialize in true-to-color photographer and would absolutely love to use my timeless, vibrant & elegant style to capture your special day! As a bride who planned her own wedding, I have a HUGE passion for making sure your big day is going to be amazing. Although I am technically just a photographer, I’m here to serve you. Along with making custom timelines and capturing amazing images that will be cherished, I am your go-to girl. I’ll make sure your dress is fluffed, your hair looks perfect, your ring is straight, etc.. I do whatever is necessary to get the shot; whether that’s moving furniture, laying on the ground, or climbing something. One of my biggest goals is to make sure you are not overwhelmed. Weddings can be extremely stressful, instead of making you take pictures non stop, I ensure to add buffer space in your timeline to allow you time to process your emotions. If you’re looking for someone to be ecstatic about your wedding day, I’m your girl!


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