Pictures with Ariel

Photography & Videography


Your wedding say should be all about you and your person. My job is to document how the day as it unfolds and all the little moments you might not even see. While I do like to approach the wedding day from a documentary style, I will 100% help with posing throughout the day as needed as well as throw in some fun prompts. Your job is to just get married! I help with everything else!

So if you are looking for someone ready to help make your day relaxing and joyful, then I’m the wedding photographer for you! I also have been known to help curl bridesmaid’s hair, sew up dresses, and be an impromptu cake server among other things!

About Ariel: I am very transparent and pretty upfront about most everything which makes communicating a breeeeeeeze with me. I LOVE sweet tea, the color yellow, and my little family! My little family consists of my boyfriend, Clayton (we met in High School almost 8 years ago and are continuing to write our love story) and our 10 year old black lab mix, Axel. I also really am into the Enneagram, if you are too, then let’s totally chat! I am a 1w2 which honesty means being a wedding photographer is the perfect job for me!


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